About Marike Knight

Marike is a principle consultant and founder of Cool Karma Collected. A qualified lawyer and communication consultant Marike knows all too well the stress involved in a corporate lifestyle. Over the years of study and stressful positions in corporate law firms, consulting firms and peak body associations Marike became interested in techniques that could be used to manage stress in all aspects of life.

Marike moved away from her professional career in 2011 to assist other people to develop better ways in managing stress. An accomplished yoga teacher and stress management consultant, Marike is well versed in many eastern and western mindfulness and yoga disciplines. She employs techniques developed by sources in each discipline, aware that a one size fits all approach to stress management is limiting and, more often than not, ineffective.

Marike’s experience in corporate environments working across the government, not-for-profit and private sectors has allowed her to have an engaging and intelligent approach to working with businesses regardless of size and background.

Marike holds a LLB and BA from Monash University and an Advance Dip. in Yoga Teaching from Australian Yoga Academy. She is also currently studying at the University of Massachusetts in order to become accredited in the most renowned, evidenced based Stress Reduction Program in the world.

Marike Knight