Badly Burnt


Your score: out of 150

I am afraid to say it, but you are pretty badly burnt out. I am sure you know that already though don’t you ?
I am sure you are already well aware of this, but you have got to that point where burnout can morph into its more serious cousins like illness, depression and anxiety. One thing I can assure you though is that the emotional exhaustion, lack of energy, physical symptoms and loss of confidence you’re experiencing don’t have to last.
The good thing is, you are taking this test! And well done for having to courage to get to this point. The best thing is you have choices, and you can and will get through this, but making these changes may require some help—a therapist, a coach, an MBSR program.
You might want to start by talking to a spouse or close friend and let them know how burnt out you really feel. Often just speaking about and acknowledging how burnt out you feel can be a catalyst for change. Right now it’s all about getting back to basics. Sleep, good nutrition and daily walks. As we speak, there is an email on its way with some straightforward tips and micro-practices that would be great to start to implement into your daily life to start to regain some balance.
While you wait, why not take the first step right now! Join me above for this short video and one minute reset practice specifically tailored for you.