It’s just soft stuff, right?

Now, more than ever, leading organisations, Fortune 500 companies and global research institutes such as McKinsey, Harvard and Warton are releasing programs that focus on developing employee soft skills.

These organisations are investing their time, energy and money on building employee self-awareness and resilience, practicing mindfulness through mindfulness programs and courses, and engaging in self-reflection, increasing capacity for empathy and kindness. But it’s still just soft stuff, right?

Definitely not. This is the game changing competitive advantage organisations are investing in, and the fact that you’re even contemplating our programs for yourself or your team, means you’re already ahead of the curve.

What do we do?

We work with you to address your unique business needs and develop the most effective wellbeing services with a range of delivery platforms that engage your employees helping to reduce stress and increase vitality in the workplace. Our services include in-organisation mindfulness courses, programs and masterclasses, mindfulness meditation, yoga, massage, breathwork and more.

Our Programs & Masterclasses

Our latest corporate program offering addresses eight-core concerns common across industries and are custom designed around your business objectives. Our content is practical, experiential, thought-provoking and engaging, based on topics that will achieve the outcomes you are seeking and align with your organisational culture.

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Our emphasis is on bringing about true changes in behaviour, helping your people build resilience and approach their lives and their time at work with greater focus, confidence and presence.

Our Corporate Offerings:

Whether you’re looking for an immersive wellbeing program, or a one-off masterclass, we provide suggested learning-journeys or can tailor one for you with your organisation’s particular needs in mind. See below for an example of our core offerings:

Are you ready to take the culture and focus of your organization to the next level? We would love to hear from you.