‘I coach people to handle the really big stuff.’




To navigate the wild rollercoaster ride of our current reality, the good and the bad.

To learn how to ride the pendulum between the really uncomfortable times in our lives, and those moments of true inner happiness. Both are possible, at the same time…and that’s what I help people to do.

This work can sound big. But it’s like oxygen when we are feeling starved of it. After only a few breaths we can start to feel ease again. Most of us were just never equipped with how to do this.

Many clients these days say they feel they are just keeping their heads above water… and that’s not ok. Life is too short and too precious to be treading water. We need to get you a life raft.

I help people do this in three steps:

  • First, we down tools and simply normalise how you’re feeling. We make it ok. No matter what.  And we stay here for as long as you need.
  • Then, when when you are feeling a little more steady, we explore the tough stuff and build the specific tools to cope with the craziness of the world.
  • The final step is my favourite, seeing clients in balance and at ease using the tools that are uniquely theirs, and psychologically thriving.

I do this with 1:1 coaching, corporate programs, retreats, courses and online learning. I come with 20 years of experience, a lot of study in stress science, neuroscience and mindfulness and a whole lot of my own inner work.

My mission is to improve the lives of every Australian by ensuring individuals and organisations are equiped with the right tools to pyschologically thrive in crazy modern world.

I’m so excited to start a conversation with you and help you navigate whatever part of the ride you are currently expereincing. Get in touch today.