John Kabat Zinn with CKC lead facilitator Marike


MBSR is a globally renowned eight-week program grounded in the science of mindfulness. It is designed to bring the mental and physical health benefits of meditation into daily life. Many experience this as a life-changing course; gaining greater awareness, reducing stress, and building a relationship with the mind, heart, and body. The MBSR program has been rigorously researched and you can learn more about the science here [link to CKC science page]. Once or twice a year, we run a group MBSR course either from our space in Albert Park, Victoria, or online. Enquire to hear about upcoming program dates.



Who Should Enrol?

• Everyday humans looking to find more freedom and ease •  Practitioners wanting to go deeper • HR  Professionals • Wellness Professionals • Leaders • People managing the Career/ Family Juggle • Anyone looking to manage their modern lives and modern better • People who want to improve on their relationships. 

What you will learn

  • A tool kit of practices that you can use anywhere, anytime and that you can continually customise to suit your needs
  • Get better at managing your day-to-day stress as well as dealing with the big stuff when it arises
  • Explore your patterns and how you can transform them
  • Have in-depth and engaging conversations with a diverse group of people
  • The ability to let go of the small stuff; and 
  • Be more present to enjoy the many little moments of your life you might be currently missing.  

Simple, Relatable and Interactive Learning Methodology

•  Guided meditations and course materials right into your inbox • Access to a supportive and inspiring facebook community of past and current practitioners • Interactive Zoom sessions led by a highly trained facilitator • Access the course from anywhere in the world from your laptop, tablet, or mobile

What you’ll receive:

  • An orientation session with one of our team to ensure the program is the right fit for you
  • Eight weeks of live sessions with one of Australia’s most highly qualified MBSR facilitators
  • 7-hour at-home or in-person silent retreat
  • Guided meditations & course materials
  • On-going access to a supportive and inspiring community
  • This program fulfils the prerequisite requirements for the CKC Mentorship and Teacher Training Certification, as well as many MBSR/MBI Teacher Training pathways

The Investment 

We want our programs to be as accessible as possible to everyone. Please reach out if you are experiencing financial hardship or if this fee feels prohibitive to joining the course. We have concession rates and extended payment plans available.

Up front payment: $950 ($500 Deposit | $450 payment prior to commencement of course) 


Monthly Instalments: $950 ($500 Deposit | Two Monthly Payments of $225 on commencement of course) 

***Deposit is fully refundable if, after our Introduction phone call, you decide not to proceed.