Do you find yourself consistently suggesting to friends and family that they should try mindfulness? For me that was the beginning of feeling ready to take the next step on my journey… learning how I could best bring these practices to others not just myself. 

The program includes:
• 12 individually tailored 90min sessions specific to your needs
• One group workshop per month practicing group inquiry, dyad work and deepening practice, guest speakers will also join.
• A day long workshop with an expert in corporate facilitation who will assist you with voice work, session planning and story telling, building on your unique story
• Participation in an online group forum
• Participation in the 8 week MBSR with weekly debriefs with marike
• Unlimited check in to keep you on the right track.

Upon completion of program you will have the availability to register as a provisional mediation teacher through Meditation Australia. 

Due to the personalised nature of this program, intake will be extremely limited to ensure you get the most benefit from this journey possible. To register your interest please get in touch via link below