Corporate Yoga and Mindfulness


Clinical trials, as well as extensive experience, show that the practice of mindfulness in workplaces:

  • Dramatically improves our stress management, making us better able to deal with challenges created by workloads, deadlines and interpersonal conflict
  • Creates greater mental clarity and focus, upgrading our capacity for critical thinking and problem solving
  • Enhances our focus on the present moment, thereby promoting greater engagement in the here and now – of particular importance to those operating in high risk environments
  • Improves awareness of our own thought processes and the emotions they trigger, enabling more effective emotional regulation and resilience
  • Increases our capacity to read other people, increases understanding of where they may be coming from and enhances empathy
  • Unleashes our capacity for innovation and creativity
  • Promotes new possibilities in difficult team or interpersonal relationships by replacing habitual reactions with more considered responses
  • Supports a more panoramic perspective, better able to manage change
  • Enriches our appreciation of the greater meaning and purpose in what we do.