“I’m currently in your mindfulness workshop and just wanted to let you know how much I love it – I have learnt so much. A colleague and I think you are amazing – your knowledge and passion for it is awesome! I think mindfulness should be mandatory in all workplaces. Thank you.”
Program Participant – Department of Cabinet and Premier

“It’s now Thursday and I’m still feeling the positive impact of this amazing retreat. The insights and strategies have been great but it’s as if a switch has flicked and I can finally let go of so many things I can’t control. There’s a long way to go but what a great start to a less stressed, more focused life ahead. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity.”
Corporate Program Participant – Australian Childcare Alliance Victoria

“Wonderful course, very beneficial.”
Corporate Program Participant – Australia Post

“I thoroughly enjoyed the program – it helped me a great deal!”
Corporate Program Participant – Australia Post

“The program was excellent, building awareness is the first step to changing bad habits. Every single employee would benefit from participating.”
Corporate Program Participant – Australia Post

“I think the mindfulness program was 100%. It’s now up to me to implement what I’ve learned. Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity. I never actually knew what mindfulness was!”
Corporate Program Participant – Australia Post

“Thank you Cool Karma Collected for your mentoring over the last 8 weeks. I’ve been on a beautiful journey of mindfulness and now recognise that sitting with life’s negative emotions is just as healthy as embracing the positive ones.”
Sarah O’Keefe – Senior Designer at Sensis

“This is a fantastic course giving the student a valuable insight into the practice of Mindfulness. The couse is extremely well taught by Marike Knight who’s clarity in her approach to teaching and communication must be testimony to her years of experience practicing Mindfulness.”
Dr. Stephen Casey

“The course was really beneficial. I feel happier, I’m sleeping better and my stress levels have reduced. Initially it was quite hard but by the end I was able to sit through a 45 seated meditation and feel quite empowered and relaxed. Thank you so much Cool Karma Collected.”
Rebecca Howse

“The 8 week course is one of the best things I could have done in order to learn to deal with the daily stresses of life. I find I am now able to leave my work at work and not dwell on negative aspects during my own time.”
Tammie Grass – Senior Markets Advisor at ANZ

“Enlightening and insightful. A rewarding experience led by a delightful and knowledgeable facilitator.”
John Gomo

“After meditating on and off for the past couple of years, Cool Karma Collected helped me to create a regular daily practice which has positively influenced the rest of my life in numerous ways. I feel able to deal with stressful situations easily and am overall far more calm and relaxed than before I began the MBSR course. Thank you so much for this life changing experience!”
Erin Pike

“During this course I discovered quite quickly that it is very possible to make changes in one’s life, to break away from long ingrained negative mindsets, stress and reactivity. I’m calmer at work, more efficient and have a better understanding of myself which is enhancing my interpersonal relationships. Everyone should give this mindfulness thing a try! Marike Knight is a great guide along this challenging but rewarding journey.”
Marie Quirke – Fundraising Manager – Royal Flying Doctor Service Victoria

“Marike is a wonderful facilitator who radiates caring and compassionate energy. This course is well thought through and provides participants with the tools they need to continue living a mindful life. You can learn all about mindfulness in books but to actually practice is a whole other story. This course offers an open and safe environment to practice, learn, discuss and develop oneself. Thank you, Cool Karma Collected, for enabling the spark within me to return.”
Tracy Stoessiger

“The mindfulness course with Cool Karma Collected was aimed at the right level for executives balancing the science of mindfulness practice, making it relevant to professional and personal life as well as providing plenty of opportunities to practice within a supporting environment.”
Pitcher Partners Executive

“Recently, in the midst of leading a team to deliver Australia’s largest and most significant cultural change program, for Be Learning’s valued client, I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. I was confronted with the fact that my working style had potentially contributed to the growth of the cancer, given the way it progressed. I have chosen to make some significant changes to the way I manage stress, and CKC have offered the perfect solution. Marike’s business acumen and understanding of corporate culture means she is able to tailor solutions that are realistic and flexible. I spend my days influencing at Senior Management and C-Suite level, so mindfulness and stress management practices need to be developed in ways that are palatable, and flexible. Marike created a program specifically for me, and presented me with thorough research and techniques designed specifically for my condition. She is smart, compassionate and nurturing, with a savvy understanding of corporate lifestyle, which makes her a great choice for senior audiences, who may be skeptical at first – no tie die pants or funny potions! Marike presents logical and compelling reasons for mindfulness, and practical tools. The work that I have started doing with Cool Karma Collected, will no doubt prove to be the biggest turning point in my ability to manage and progress a demanding career as well as my own wellbeing, and I recommend a CKC program to anyone who performs at a high level, and wants to stay well while they do.”
Principle Consultant, Be learning

“After participating in Cool Karma Collected’s 8 week Mindfulness course I have a much better understanding of the benefits of meditation and how to incorporate the practice into my life. Marike is a passionate, knowledgeable and patient teacher who creates a safe environment for students to share their learning and experience of their practice. I highly recommend this course to anyone wanting to learn more about Mindfulness and its benefits to overall wellbeing.”
Marketing & Communication Manager at Out Doors Inc