Would you like to be more present for your children and find greater enjoyment in your time together?

Mindfulness allows us to develop a greater connection with our children and help reduce the daily stresses of parenting. This is a course that focuses on you and on helping you to be healthier, less reacitve and more energised – leading to happier homes and more engaged children. For parents of children of any age.

Course Format:

This course involves between four and eight 90 minute session held once a week, conducted in a small groups of five to ten mothers.

The general format of each of the sessions:

  • Group & Individual Centring
  • 30mins Mindful gentle yoga practice
  • 30 mins guided meditation
  • Group Sharing and discussions

Depending on the make up of the group – where some may be mums to one or more children, or is a new mum – the style of each workshop’s format may be slightly different.

If there is enough interest for a Karma Mama Course workshop at your own home, a dedicated group will be organised.