“Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts.”    –The Buddha

In modern society we are surrounded by noise – traffic, endless emails and phone calls, the chatter of people, social media… the list goes on. A silent retreat day is essentially an opportunity to cut this all out for an extended time, allowing you to achieve a greater clarity of mind and stillness.

On our silent retreat days we observe noble silence, which essentially means no talking, no phones, no reading, no contact.  For those who want to deepen their yoga or meditation practice this is a wonderful way to kick start this process.

During the day we spend time with a variety of gentle guided meditation practices including mindful:

  • movement and yoga,
  • seated practice,
  • walking meditations,
  • mindful eating,
  • body scanning (a guided lying meditation where attention is placed on different parts of the body in sequence),
  • being out in nature; and
  • select inspirational readings for contemplation.

*** If you are new to meditation it is advised that you complete our MBSR program before embarking upon a Silent Retreat day

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New to silent retreats? 

Your first experience of a Cool Karma Collected all day silent retreat will be as a participant in the MBSR program as it is an integral part of the program. The retreat is a full day of meditation practice held in silence under the guidance of the Cool Karma Collected teachers. The day is intended to make space to simply be and explore further what you have learned in the program in the first 6 weeks.

Upon completion of the MBSR program you will receive regular invitations to join in our silent retreats as part of the Cool Karma Collected community. We are always delighted to welcome the many previous participants to the silent retreats.