John Kabat Zinn with CKC lead facilitator Marike


Learn to better manage your mind, reduce stress and live with greater ease through this scientifically tested, gold standard mindfulness meditation program.

8 Tuesday Evenings 7-9.30pm, starting 15th February 

Silent Day Sun 27th March | Blended delivery (In-person & ZOOM)

Who Should Enrol?

• Stressed out, burnt out, everyday humans •  Practitioners wanting to go deeper • HR  Professionals • Wellness Professionals • Mindfulness Teachers • Yoga Teachers • Leaders • Business women managing the Career/ Family Juggle • Anyone looking to manage their modern lives and modern minds better


Learn to better manage your mind, reduce stress and live with greater ease through this scientifically tested, gold standard mindfulness meditation program.
  • Learn techniques that can be practised anywhere, anytime, to fit into your lifestyle
  • Cultivate greater self-awareness
  • Respond rather than react to stress
  • Change habitual reactivity patterns
  • Great for beginners and advanced meditators alike
  • Fulfils prerequisite requirements for the CKC Teacher Training Certification as well as MBSR teacher Training pathways


Simple, Relatable and Interactive Learning Methodology

•  Guided meditations and course materials right in to your inbox • Access to a supportive and inspiring facebook community of past and current practitioners • Interactive Zoom sessions led by a highly trained facilitator • Access the course from anywhere in the world from your laptop, tablet, or mobile

What’s Included
  • An orientation session with one of our team to ensure the program is the right fit for you
  • 8 weeks of live sessions with one of Australia’s most highly qualified MBSR facilitators
  •  7 hour at-home silent retreat
  • Guided meditations & course materials
  • On going access to a supportive and inspiring community
  • Option to add 2 x 30 minute coaching session with Marike
  • Fully refundable deposit if after the call with us you decide not to proceed.

Financial Investment

With all of our programs we have chosen to go with a sliding scale to ensure that the programs are as accessible as possible to everyone. It’s a bit of a pay it forward initiative as well.  The invitation is to choose a pay that feels comfortable financially, but also uncomfortable enough to keep you committed to doing the work which can sometimes be uncomfortable and challenging. Below are the sliding scale options for this program. If you decide to go ahead just let me know which one feels most appropriate for you. No judgments, no questions. 

SPECIAL EARLY BIRD PRICE: $750. Offer ends 27th of January 2022

Base: 800

Mid: 900

Sustainer: 1000

All of these options can be broken down into payment plans

  • optional add on – 2 x 30 minute tailored coaching sessions throughout the course $280
  • Advance booking is essential.


About you Facilitator 

As Director of Cool Karma Collected, Marike has over 12 years’ experience creating dynamic, engaging and experiential training for individuals, groups and organisations. 

Marike’s main areas of expertise lies in helping people better understand stress, learn how to manage their minds and move from a place of surviving our modern lives to thriving in them.

All of her programs are based upon this highly esteemed Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program. Once a lawyer, Marike holds a Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Performing Arts from the University of Monash and is also a 2014 University of Massachusetts Centre for Mindfulness graduate with extensive experience learning from and working with the world’s leading mindfulness experts including Jon Kabat Zinn. 

In 2019 Marike became the first Australian to be certified with and recognised by Global Mindfulness leader, Brown University. The Mindfulness Center at Brown brings together top academics in research with leading educators in mindfulness with the goal to offer programs that improve individual lives and organisational effectiveness.