Why do we find it so difficult to trust?

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Trust is such an important attitude to cultivate in practice, and in life. But sometimes when stuck in a situation where we aren’t feeling too comfortable or happy, be it in ourselves, or our partners, the direction of our life or even the health of our bodies it can feel pretty difficult to trust the process and know that on some greater level it’s going to be ok. 

So how do we practice trust?  

Jon Kabat Zinn reminds us in the video below that we can start with something as simple as our breath because luckily the breath can take care of itself, we don’t need to tell ourselves to breathe, we can rest pretty easy at night knowing that while sleeping it is happening. We can also learn to trust in the wisdom of our bodies and what we feel; trusting that the ears can actually hear, the eyes can actually see. That the organs take care of all the things they need to, to keep us alive.

From there we might begin to take a little more notice of the signs our body is telling us around feelings of being tired, anxious, overly stressed, sad, fearful and rather than talking our way out of it with our minds or finding some quick fix to feel less discomfort, maybe we can listen in and trust a little more what the experience in our body is trying to tell us?

The more we can learn to bring trust to our experience, trusting ourselves and what’s actually going on vs. trying to control it and make it better, the more we can learn to bring trust to our relationships, to other people and to the challenges we face in life so that hopefully with practice we can reside in our own ability to meet whatever comes towards us. 

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