John Kabat Zinn with CKC lead facilitator Marike


Learn to better manage your mind, reduce stress and live with greater ease through this scientifically tested, gold standard mindfulness meditation program.

NEW!!! Thursday Evening Course | 7:00pm – 9:30am AEST | With Rosalie Dores

Starting: 8th July – 25th August, Silent Day Sun 15th August | ZOOM platform

Who Should Enrol?

• Stressed out, burnt out, everyday humans •  Practitioners wanting to go deeper • HR  Professionals • Wellness Professionals • Mindfulness Teachers • Yoga Teachers • Leaders • Business women managing the Career/ Family Juggle • Anyone looking to manage their modern lives and modern minds better

Learn to better manage your mind, reduce stress and live with greater ease through this scientifically tested, gold standard mindfulness meditation program.
  • Learn techniques that can be practised anywhere, anytime, to fit into your lifestyle
  • Cultivate greater self-awareness
  • Respond rather than react to stress
  • Change habitual reactivity patterns
  • Great for beginners and advanced meditators alike
  • Fulfils prerequisite requirements for the CKC Teacher Training Certification as well as MBSR teacher Training pathways


Simple, Relatable and Interactive Learning Methodology

•  Guided meditations and course materials right sent directly to you • Access to a supportive and inspiring facebook community of past and current practitioners • Interactive Zoom sessions led by a highly trained facilitator • Access the course from anywhere in the world from your laptop, tablet, or mobile

What’s Included
  • An orientation session with one of our team to ensure the program is the right fit for you
  • 8 weeks of live sessions with one of Australia’s most highly qualified MBSR facilitators
  •  7 hour at-home silent retreat
  • Guided meditations & course materials
  • On going access to a supportive and inspiring community
  • Option to add 2 x 30 minute coaching session with Marike
  • Fully refundable deposit if after the call with us you decide not to proceed.


Financial Investment
  • 3 easy payments of $250 ($750 total)
  • optional add on – 2 x 30 minute tailored coaching sessions throughout the course $280
  • Scholarships  are available. If payment is an inhibitor for you, please reach out and let us know. 
  • Advance booking is essential.

*** Prices set to increase in 2021  



About you Facilitator 

As Director of Cool Karma Collected, Marike has over 12 years’ experience creating dynamic, engaging and experiential training for individuals, groups and organisations. 

Marike’s main areas of expertise lies in helping people better understand stress, learn how to manage their minds and move from a place of surviving our modern lives to thriving in them.

All of her programs are based upon this highly esteemed Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program. Once a lawyer, Marike holds a Bachelor of Laws / Bachelor of Performing Arts from the University of Monash and is also a 2014 University of Massachusetts Centre for Mindfulness graduate with extensive experience learning from and working with the world’s leading mindfulness experts including Jon Kabat Zinn. 

In 2019 Marike became the first Australian to be certified with and recognised by Global Mindfulness leader, Brown University. The Mindfulness Center at Brown brings together top academics in research with leading educators in mindfulness with the goal to offer programs that improve individual lives and organisational effectiveness.



The most effective process to recalibrate your nervous system and feel amazing!

TRTP is a process which helps turn down the volume on turbulent thoughts, difficult emotions and unhealthy behaviours. If you want to lessen reactivity and cultivate greater calm, resilience and clarity – this is the process for you.

Areas that may be addressed on an individual level may be:

  • stress and burnout
  • anxiety and worrying
  • depression and sadness
  • trauma
  • life transitions
  • difficulty focusing and emotional reactivity
  • chronic pain and illness

The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP)

To be honest, I wish the name of this process didn’t have the word “Trauma” in it because it really is a process for anyone who has experienced stressful events in their life or has been subject to prolonged periods of stress.

If  you are a person that spends a lot of time in “the zone”, a woman carrying the invisible load and being a high achiever, or just managing the hectic pace of life this three session process will benefit you.  So feel free to read the word Trauma through that lens if you would prefer.

TRTP™ is an elegantly simple, yet comprehensive, step-by-step process, which aims to resolve a range of life experiences  from extreme trauma to significant periods of stress – along with the associated experience of anxiety, depression, fears, phobias and general life anxieties and issues.  TRTP achieves this quickly, effectively and safely.

My passion for TRTP™ comes from both my own personal experiences of the transformative effects of the process as well as consistently witnessing the transformations clients make through this dynamic and powerful process . While I still believe in and utilise many other modalities I believe this process is incredibly helpful in restoring the body back to a state of homeostasis. From there we can practice and hone all the other tools and techniques required to completely thrive in our hectic modern lives.

The TRTP model is based on the idea that it is the unconscious that runs our patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour/way of being.  TRTP changes a person’s experience of being.  This automatically changes how a person thinks and feels.  TRTP goes to the underpinnings of distress – the prehistoric feelings of ‘I’m not okay, or I am not safe’ which is caused by distressing events continuing to play in the unconscious and body as if they are happening now. These distressing events have not been stored in memory properly.  Without venturing back into the detail of the past, TRTP returns a person to ‘It’s over and I’m safe now’ by turning off the video loops of those distressing events and storing them in long term memory where they belong.  TRTP restores the ability for automatic self-regulation after a distressing event – homeostasis.

Moreover,  this process helps free clients to engage in mindfulness based strategies more effectively once sabotaging unconscious limiting core beliefs are addressed and the charge is released form the past.

TRTP™ is a unique and dynamic sequenced series of steps, which, if separated would not be as powerful. TRTP™ incorporates deep imagining, addressing the trauma and stress where it is stored – in the unconscious and in the body. (Levine, van der Kolk, Rothschild, Ogden). TRTP™ is in alignment with the two requirements stated by van der Kolk, Levine and other trauma experts:

For trauma/stress/anxiety to be resolved –

The person must (somehow) be moved to an empowered position in regard to the trauma/stress.
The body must (somehow) know that the event(s) are over and it’s safe.

So just to recap, TRTP™ initially resets underlying, unconscious core beliefs, which keep you stuck in patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour. By attending to these at the beginning of the process, self-sabotage is avoided in subsequent sessions. TRTP™ then takes the emotional charge from the past, without revisiting/re-traumatising, moving you to a place of empowerment in relation to the trauma.

TRTP™ shifts you from fight/flight/freeze to an empowered, self-regulated state. Your sympathetic nervous system is calmed and traumatic memories are placed firmly in the past. That is, you will move quickly from fight, flight, freeze – ‘I’m not safe!’  To, ‘It’s over and I’m safe now…’ Calm returns on all levels and symptoms generally cease leaving you feeling empowered and free to live the life you so richly deserve.



Mindfulness – Modern times require a modern approach and that’s what we are all about.


At Cool Karma Collected we feel pretty strongly about mindfulness and how meaningful, beneficial and life-changing it can be. We also know the value of highly qualified authentic teachers and facilitators who have an ability to understand audiences, to create safety and make the practice really accessible and relatable.

Join me for a 6 month journey that will help you to reconnect with every aspect of yourself and your life which is the first and most important step to becoming a teacher. Secondly find out what it takes to be a truly authentic, skilful teacher of mindfulness and start your journey towards this deeply rewarding service to yourself and others.  

This 6 month program includes:

  • 8 individually tailored 90/100min sessions specific to your needs (15hours)
  • 7 half day workshops which include practicing group inquiry, dyad work and deepening practice in a peer reviewed environment (35 hours)
  • Weekly Getting Self Done Evenings (38 hours)
  • 6 x 180 min zoom sessions with guest speakers including trauma informed specialists, insight dialogue specialists and renown Buddhist teachers (15 hours)
  • A day long workshop assisting you with planning sessions for groups and individuals, creating psychological safety, voice work, session planning and story telling, building on your unique story (10 Hours)
  • Weekly Participation in online group forum (25 hours)
  • Access to an audio course on the neurobiology of Mindfulness (10 hours)
  • Course workbook, resorces and and unlimited check ins to keep you on the right track.

Upon completion of program you will have the availability to register as a mediation teacher through Meditation Association of  Australia

Due to the personalised nature of this program, intake will be extremely limited to ensure you get the most benefit from this journey possible. To register your interest please get in touch via link below

Be sure to book a free session with Marike today to see if this training could be the right fit for you. Contact us to find out more


Practical, Experiential, Thought-Provoking and Engaging.

Our latest program offering addresses eight core concerns common across industries and are custom designed around your business objectives. Our content is practical, experiential, thought-provoking and engaging, based on topics that will achieve the outcomes you are seeking and align with your organisational culture.

Our emphasis is on bringing about true changes in behaviour, helping your people build resilience and approach their lives and their time at work with greater focus, confidence and presence.

Our Offerings:
Whether you’re looking for an immersive program, or a one-off masterclass, we provide suggested learning-journeys or can tailor one for you with your organisation’s particular needs in mind. See below for an example of our core offerings:



Would you like to be more present for your children and find greater enjoyment in your time together?

Mindfulness allows us to develop a greater connection with our children and help reduce the daily stresses of parenting. This is a course that focuses on you and on helping you to be healthier, less reacitve and more energised – leading to happier homes and more engaged children. For parents of children of any age.

Course Format:

This course involves between four and eight 90 minute session held once a week, conducted in a small groups of five to ten mothers.

The general format of each of the sessions:

  • Group & Individual Centring
  • 30mins Mindful gentle yoga practice
  • 30 mins guided meditation
  • Group Sharing and discussions

Depending on the make up of the group – where some may be mums to one or more children, or is a new mum – the style of each workshop’s format may be slightly different.

If there is enough interest for a Karma Mama Course workshop at your own home, a dedicated group will be organised.


“Your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts.”    –The Buddha

In modern society we are surrounded by noise – traffic, endless emails and phone calls, the chatter of people, social media… the list goes on. A silent retreat day is essentially an opportunity to cut this all out for an extended time, allowing you to achieve a greater clarity of mind and stillness.

On our silent retreat days we observe noble silence, which essentially means no talking, no phones, no reading, no contact.  For those who want to deepen their yoga or meditation practice this is a wonderful way to kick start this process.

During the day we spend time with a variety of gentle guided meditation practices including mindful:

  • movement and yoga,
  • seated practice,
  • walking meditations,
  • mindful eating,
  • body scanning (a guided lying meditation where attention is placed on different parts of the body in sequence),
  • being out in nature; and
  • select inspirational readings for contemplation.

*** If you are new to meditation it is advised that you complete our MBSR program before embarking upon a Silent Retreat day

Sign up for our next retreat day here!

New to silent retreats? 

Your first experience of a Cool Karma Collected all day silent retreat will be as a participant in the MBSR program as it is an integral part of the program. The retreat is a full day of meditation practice held in silence under the guidance of the Cool Karma Collected teachers. The day is intended to make space to simply be and explore further what you have learned in the program in the first 6 weeks.

Upon completion of the MBSR program you will receive regular invitations to join in our silent retreats as part of the Cool Karma Collected community. We are always delighted to welcome the many previous participants to the silent retreats.